Honeywell HZ860 EnergySmart Thermawave Ceramic Heater $19.67 Like New Item will come in original packaging. The ThermaWave Heater uses ceramic heating technology to provide quick, even heat & help you save on your electric bill! With easy-to-use digital controls & large temperature display. This heater’s Energy Usage Gauge displays the amount of energy used. It comes with an array of safety features: Tip-over protection, overheat protection & Cool Touch housing & handle. Portable heaters can help increase comfort & supplement home heating needs. Honeywell carries a range of heaters including personal, ceramic, fan forced, radiant, & infrared. Portable heaters are an easy way to addRead More →

Honeywell HCE840B HeatGenius Ceramic 1500W Heater, Black $38.29 Like New Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged. This heater is designed with 6 customized heat settings to give you control of your comfort. The intelligent & powerful ceramic heating capabilities allow you to heat you, your room or your floor area with the touch of a button This ceramic heater provides superior safety & easily controlled comfort, featuring 6 customized heat settings, a 2 hour auto-off heat phase timer, a quiet mode setting, tip-over and overheat protection, a cool touch housing and more Using portable heaters in your home can help increaseRead More →

Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier $37.77 Like New Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged. Need a humidifier for large rooms? Want to add moisture to your whole house? This 3 gallon, easy fill humidifier console with a humidistat & auto shut-off can help control humidity in your home. It runs for 24 hrs. on low Evaporative Technology blows moisture off a wicking filter, helping it evaporative into the air quickly. It’s not possible to over-humidify with evaporative technology because you can’t add more moisture to the air than it can hold Humidity levels in your home between 40-60% can make theRead More →

Honeywell HZ-970 EngergySmart Infared Whole Room Heater $47.84 Very Good Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged. EnergySmart Technology Saves up to 25% – Energy Usage Indicator Programmable Thermostat, 4 timer settings, 2 continuous heat settings & remote control Digital Controls w/ large LCD display Cool Touch housing & handle Exceeds Industry Safety Standards, 4 Way Tip Over Switch & Overheat Protection Price history (new):Read More →