Magellan 750M Portable GPS Navigator $76.79 Used Good

Magellan 750M Portable GPS Navigator $76.79 Used Good
Seems like a no-brainer for someone needing GPS…
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The highly refined and portable Magellan 750M Plus car navigation GPS receiver offers full color, detailed mapping, and a wealth of rich location-specific information in a sleek and intuitive design. It uses the same Magellan technology found in the NeverLost system of the Hertz rental car fleet.

With turn-by-turn directions and friendly voice prompting, 750M Plus automatically guides you to your destination, recalculating your route if you make a wrong turn or decide to take a detour. The built-in database of detailed maps covers the United States and most of Canada. The large full-color screen and keypad make it easy to enter your destination information and find the best route. With WAAS-enabled GPS accuracy tracking up to 12 satellites, the 750M Plus can place your location to within 3 meters.

The 750M Plus is portable so that you can easily transfer it from one vehicle to another, leaving no evidence housing or cables visible when removed. You can quickly and easily install the 750M Plus yourself with the mounting accessories that are included.

You’ll get seamless detailed mapping of the entire U.S. and key areas in Canada Travel the country with no need to load new data. A single database contains all major city streets as well as the federal, state and county roads and highways in the U.S. and most of Canada. The comprehensive POI database provides over one million listings, including businesses, banks, hotels, airports, gas stations, ATMs, restaurants, and more.

The 750M Plus features an Exit Service Directory Guide, enabling you to find services at specific highway exits quickly and easily. Get information about food, gas, lodging and emergency assistance for upcoming Interstate exits by accessing Interstate AmericaÕs Exit Authority information.

Other features include:

  • Three guidance screens to chose from with easy to use interface: True View (shows actual road layout and information about intersection maneuvers), Map View (bright, high-resolution display screen with bold and easy-to read icons and text), and Maneuver List (details when and where to expect turns along the route).
  • Voice prompting tells you when to turn so you don’t need to watch the screen.
  • Route Method allows you to choose the shortest time, shortest distance, most use of freeways, or least use of freeways. Route Exclusion tells the 750M Plus to avoid certain roads.
  • With Auto Re-route, the 750M Plus automatically calculates a new route when you make a wrong turn or decide to take a detour because of heavy traffic, a closed road, etc.
  • Easily enter addresses with QuickSpell, which intelligently sorts, searches, and checks spelling for rapid address entry with minimal keystrokes
  • Store 100 personal or business contacts and calculate routes to their locations

Electronic Mapping
The Magellan 750M Plus has an electronic map of the contiguous United States and Canada stored on a hard drive. The map is divided into 10 separate regions called Map Areas, and your purchase provides you access to one (1) Map Area. Access to Map Areas is controlled by Unlock Codes that are provided when the product is registered, or when additional Map Areas are purchased or rented

What is WAAS?
GPS receivers have an accuracy of about 15 meters, but you can get to as close as 3 meters with a WAAS-enabled receiver. WAAS stands for Wide Area Augmentation System, which is a network of satellites and ground stations (in North America) that were designed to improve the accuracy and ensure the integrity of information coming from GPS satellites. Originally implemented by the FAA for aviation use, WAAS is particularly useful for serious outdoors enthusiasts as well as for precise in-city navigation.
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